"My A1C is at a lifelong low thanks to Auxulin!"

I’ve been using Auxulin in its different iterations for close to 2 years now. After the first 6 months of using Auxulin, my A1C went from 7.6 to 7.2. After the first year, my A1C was down to a lifelong low of 6.8. Now, I have reached another all time low, 6.3. It’s low enough to the point where my blood panels are coming back and cautioning me that I “may” be a Type 2 diabetic (see the image below)!

Auxulin has completely changed my life, I no longer am forced to contend with hours and hours of waiting for my blood sugar to drop. It’s become a routine part of my diabetes management, and I hope it becomes a routine part of yours as well!