"One of the many times I needed Auxulin in my life"

"One of the many times I needed Auxulin in my life"

There has been thousands of times since becoming diabetic where I wish I had something like Auxulin in my life in order to lower my blood sugar faster and too prevent the several hours of waiting time associated with correcting high blood sugar levels.

A pertinent example that comes to mind took place in the winter of 2015. I was in the process of driving from college to my parents’ house for the holidays. This drive would typically took around 5 hours. About halfway through the drive, I stopped for a coffee at a gas station off the highway and bought a sugar free-French vanilla cappuccino. About 20 minutes later, my CGM started going off like crazy. I reached into my pocket and saw that my blood sugar level was 400 and was going up exponentially. It left me in a precarious position, since anyone that could help me or meet up with me was almost 3 hours away!

Auxulin’s Co-Founder, and my dad, Dr. Gary Ritz, headed to a good halfway point with my mother in the car. As I continued driving to meet them, I stopped approximately every 20 minutes to use the restroom, the whole time feeling sick, taking insulin, drinking water, and asking myself, “Why isn’t there a better way?”

Horrific experiences like that are what really drove Gary and I to invent Auxulin. It’s become a part of my regular blood glucose management routine, and I hope it becomes part of yours too!

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