"In my 40 years of being a tightly controlled type 1 diabetic, 3
amazing advances stand out in my mind...

1. When animal beef and pork insulins were replaced by laboratory made

2. When the CGM became usable for all.

3. And now Auxulin!"

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Jim R, T1D for 40 years

“I can’t believe how quickly it drops my blood sugar, I used to wait 3-4 hours,
now I can get my sugar down in an hour or less!”

Seth W, T1D since 1996

"Auxulin gives me
another tool in my arsenal to be able to deal with blood sugar spikes. It has
been essential to my day-to-day BG management routine"

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Abinnet B, T2D since 2015

has become a regular part of my blood sugar management strategy!"

Kevin R, T1D since 2011