Tommy Ritz Auxulin Chief Strategist and Co-Founder

Tommy Ritz is a William and Mary MBA who previously worked for Novo Nordisk (one of three major insulin producers) developing reimbursement models for Novo Nordisk’s prescription drugs. In 2017, due to his history of advocacy, Tommy was called in as an expert witness to testify on behalf of Ohio House Bill 241, the Diabetic Registry Bill. He currently works in supply chain management at Shell Oil. Tommy has been a type 1 diabetic since he was 5.

    Our Story

    Auxulin was founded by Dr. Gary Ritz and his son, Tommy Ritz. Gary has been living with T1D since 1984, and Tommy has been a T1D since 1998. Tired of their daily battles to manage their diabetes, which often resulted in prolonged periods of high blood sugar. The father/son duo sought a better way to combat hyperglycemia, which eventually led to the development of Auxulin. Auxulin is a supplement that, when used in conjunction with insulin and water, returned their high blood sugar levels to normal in a much faster time frame. They had several of their Type 1 friends and family members try it, and found it worked for them as well. Auxulin is an all-natural formulation. All of its active ingredients are widely available in food products and routinely ingested in some form by most people. Both Gary and Tommy used Auxulin regularly to help manage their diabetes, and want to bring Auxulin to the rest of the diabetic world.


    Auxulin founders, working in conjunction with Dr. Jason McDevitt at the College of William & Mary, developed a formulation that safely and economically works in conjunction with insulin to reduce the duration and magnitude of hyperglycemic events. This patented technology was licensed from William & Mary to the company.