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Each order contains a 30 day supply of Auxulin (30 tablets). Auxulin is an insulin enhancing supplement, designed by diabetics for diabetics. Using Auxulin along with your standard treatment to lower your blood sugar will return your BG to a normal range in a fraction of the time. Our patented, all-natural formula also mitigates the effects of high blood sugar, such as: fatigue, nausea, and discomfort!


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  • This is because Auxulin's active ingredients are naturally occurring substances on the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. We chose to bring Auxulin to market as a supplement instead of a drug for 3 main reasons:

     -Decreased cost to patients

    - Decreased time to market

    - Decreased complexity in purchasing (no need to call your insurance provider to see if its on formulary)

    • Auxulin works by addressing the underlying causes of insulin resistance.. By addressing these causes, Auxulin can be used to supplement traditional approaches for blood glucose management when blood sugar levels are high and should be used as a rescue medication. It should be taken whenever a diabetic reaches a high enough blood sugar level, with a high level being unique to each diabetic. Take 1 tablet of Auxulin and 8 ounces of water per 70 pounds of body weight, in addition to your current blood glucose management. If there’s been no significant change to BG within 40 minutes, take some additional Auxulin.