The First and Only Insulin Augmentation Supplement

Auxulin can reduce the duration of high blood sugar episode by half or more when taken alongside standard treatments for high blood sugar and water. Auxulin is an inexpensive, convenient form of blood glucose management intended to be used on an as needed basis when blood sugar levels are high. Our proprietary formulation uses all natural ingredients that have been clinically demonstrated to help reduce the magnitude and severity of high blood sugar events.

Auxulin works by addressing the short term effects of hyperglycemia and insulin resistance and is convenient to use in its formulation as a small tablet.

What is Auxulin?

Blood Glucose management is a daily battle

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Our Story

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“Auxulin has become a regular part of my blood
sugar management strategy!”

Kevin R, Type One since 2011

“I can’t believe how quickly it drops my blood
sugar, I used to wait 3-4 hours, now I can get my sugar down in an hour or

Seth W, Type One since 1996

"Auxulin gives me
another tool in my arsenal to be able to deal with blood sugar spikes. It has
been essential to my day to day BG management routine"

Abinnet B, Type Two since 2015

“Frequently Asked Questions”

Will Auxulin work for Type 2 diabetics?

While we have only done limited testing for Type 2 diabetics, we believe Auxulin should reduce the magnitude and duration of Type 2 hyperglycemic events.

Does Auxulin work with every insulin ?


Can Auxulin drop my A1C percentage?

Though we didn’t run a robust trial testing Auxulin’s impact on A1C percentage, we measured the hemoglobin A1C levels for Tommy and Gary (the founders) who consistently took the product over a period of several months. Over a 4 to 6 month period, they experienced average A1C reduction of nearly 0.1 percent per month. A1C percentages for both Tommy and Gary have remained at lifelong lows.