The Auxulin Challenge

Try The Auxulin Challenge Today!

Can Auxulin get you back to normal blood sugar levels faster?

Take part in the Auxulin challenge today to be featured on our social media! Our customers find that they receive the biggest benefit from taking Auxulin when their BG level is above 250 mg/dl+. 

Using Auxulin, it typically takes approximately 1 hour for their BGs to drop below 180. Before trying Auxulin, that drop would take some of our customer 2.5-3 hours!

Try the challenge by following the steps below: 

  1. Figure out how long it takes for your blood glucose level to return to normal without Auxulin when you are hyperglycemic.
  2. Measure how long it takes for your BG to return to normal with Auxulin and compare the difference! 
  3. Report the results via
  4. If your BG does not return to normal in half the usual time, then receive your money back! 
  5. The first 50 participants to submit a video describing their experience with Auxulin to will be featured on our social media and win a free bottle of Auxulin!