Make Auxulin a Part of your Blood Glucose Management Routine.

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The Auxulin challenge

Can Auxulin get you back to a normal blood sugar faster like it has for Tommy and Gary? Take part in the Auxulin challenge today to be featured on our website and our social media! Tommy and Gary have both found that they receive the biggest benefit from taking Auxulin when their BG level was above 300. It would take approximately 1 hour for their BGs to drop below 180. Before inventing Auxulin, that drop would take them 2.5-3 hours! Join the challenge by following the steps below:

1. Figure out how long it takes for your Blood glucose level to return to normal without Auxulin when you’re high

2. Measure how long it takes for your BG to return to normal with Auxulin compare the difference!

3. Report the results via

4. If your BG does not return to normal at least 100% faster, than receive your money back!

5. The first 50 participants to submit a video describing their experience with Auxulin to (have a link to like our internal email) will be featured on our social media, website, and win some free Auxulin!


"In my 40 years of being a tightly controlled type 1 diabetic, 3
amazing advances stand out in my mind...

1. When animal beef and pork insulins were replaced by laboratory made

2. When the CGM became usable for all.

3. And now Auxulin!"

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Jim R, T1D for 40 years

“I can’t believe how quickly it drops my blood sugar, I used to wait 3-4 hours,
now I can get my sugar down in an hour or less!”

Seth W, T1D since 1996

"Auxulin gives me
another tool in my arsenal to be able to deal with blood sugar spikes. It has
been essential to my day-to-day BG management routine"

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Abinnet B, T2D since 2015

has become a regular part of my blood sugar management strategy!"

Kevin R, T1D since 2011

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