"Why Auxulin?"

Hey Guys, my name is Tommy Ritz and I am the co-founder of Auxulin Pharmaceuticals. I’ve been a Type one since I was 5, aka the past 23 years, and, honestly, one of the most stressful and difficult parts of being a diabetic is dealing with high blood sugars.

One of my earliest memories is just sitting and watching other kids at a birthday party eat cake and pizza, while I had a cup of lukewarm water. I had to sit it out due to my blood sugar spiking to 300 mg/dl that morning, and, still being 270 mg/dl 3 hours later.

This wait has never gotten easier, and is a crucial part of diabetes management, that hasn’t ever been addressed.

These sorts of experiences are what  drove Gary and I to invent Auxulin. Auxulin has become a regular part of my blood glucose management routine and I hope it becomes part of yours too!